1. Tiny Url


Given a url, design a web API that generates a shorter and unique alias of it


Input(102 characters):


Output(28 characters):


The service will create an alias for the original URL with a shorter length. If you click on the shorter URL it should redirect to the longer URL.

Functional Requirements
  • Given a url, generate a shorter and unique alias of it
  • When user accesses short link, redirect them to the original url
Nonfunctional Requirements
  • 99.99% Availability
  • 150ms latency on redirection
  • Links expire at 5 years by default
  • Should perform globally
  • All urls are public
  • Each url is 500 bytes
  • 20% of URLs can be stored in a cache
  • Cache TTL 24 hrs
Estimated Usage
  • 100 Reads per Write
  • 500,000 urls created every month

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