13. Movie Ticketing Application


Design an online ticketing system where users can browse whats available and purchase movie tickets

Functional Requirements
  • Users can see theatre's and times for chosen films
  • Users can stand by assuming quite seats could open up from cancellation
  • Users can book tickets from the client
  • Movies should be filterable by city
  • Users should be able to purchase additional seats after initial purchase
Nonfunctional Requirements
  • Financial transactions need to be secure
  • Data must be stored for 5 years
  • Must not sell the same ticket to more than one user
  • Client authentication not required
  • 10 seat limit per user, per showtime.
  • Each showtime takes 50 bytes.
  • 250 cities
  • 10 cinemas per city
  • 1000 seats per cinema
Estimated Usage
  • 1.5 billion page views per month and sells
  • 5 million tickets a month.

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