3. Ecommerce Application


Design an ecommerce application

Functional Requirements
  • Stores can store inventory under different categories
  • Users can search through inventory
  • Users can make purchases
  • Users can add product to cart/ Wishlist if he likes the product
Nonfunctional Requirements
  • 99.99 Percent Availability to users
  • High consistency
  • Low latency
  • Setup reliable domain name of the site.
  • Setup encryption for user data PII (Personal Identifiable Information)
  • Increased visibility for most searched and Trending products.
  • Each product webpage contains 500 kb of content per page according to best SEO practices for ecommerce.
  • Each product page visual contains 350 - 400 kb of (image, video) content.
  • Median URL size: 100 Bytes.
  • Event-Driven HTTP Caching TTL 24 hours.
Estimated Usage
  • 250,000 product searches per day.
  • 1500 new products added to inventory per month.
  • 15000 products purchased each day.

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