15. Rate Limiter


Design an API rate limiter

Functional Requirements
  1. Server side rate limiting
  2. Clients should be informed of being rate limited (proper exception handling)
  3. Should be able to handle large number of requests
  4. should have clearly defined APIs such as allowRequest() that would return a boolean signifying if request is to be processed or dropped.
Nonfunctional Requirements
  1. Fault tolerant: if rate limiter is down, it should not cause failures on the client applications. Failures needs to be handled
  2. Low latency: The rate limiting should not impact the application's response time. Our logic should be efficient and optimized
  3. Resource optimization: Rate limiter should not be too expensive to implement
  4. Highly available service (since our system is a standalone application that will be used by various other services, it should be highly available).
  1. When a new request arrives from the client, the Server first asks the Rate Limiter to decide if it will be served or rejected.
  2. If the request is not rejected, then it’ll be passed to the internal API servers.
  3. Rate Limiter’s responsibility is to decide which client request will be served and which request will be declined.
Estimated Usage
  • 100 request per minute / IP address
  • 1,00,000 request per day processed overall

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